Not this site or anything, but specifically the “” address. This particular site will still be accessible at “”. ( site, which has been more active than this one lately, will also remain up).

I’m just getting tired of the buttnuggets in Indonesia (I’m looking at YOU,, among others) who insist on using an old “blogspot” theme that hotlinks for no good reason to a no-longer-existing image file on, thereby clogging the crap out of my webserver logs. The “www” is kind of redundant these days anyway, so I may as well dump it. That said, if you’re watching the RSS feed or just remember typing in “” to get here, update your links to just “” instead.

Meanwhile, just another note to mention that my latest audio endeavor finally popped up at Hacker Public Radio, and you can download it or listen directly at the site if you’re not a listener at Hacker Public Radio.

This latest episode is a review of gameplay for Google’s new geolocation based game (“Ingress”). I’m working on a followup episode to this one, then I can finally do the mysterious geotagging episode I’ve been talking about for a couple of years now.

Oh, also over on the site, I’ve started a list of topics I’m either actively working on or thinking about working on. I strongly encourage/beg anyone who’s interested to check out the list of Potentially Upcoming Shows and leave opinions on which topics look interesting (or suggest additional topics!).

It’s worth noting that I’ve decided that the Stir-Fried Stochasticity shows are probably “of interest to Hackers” and therefore I’m currently planning to fold those topics into the site as well, which is why you’ll see references to scientific-paper topics (and the Gram Stain!) on the “Potentially Upcoming Shows” list.

A minor bit of news in conclusion: I finally managed to work out what my last remaining problem with it was (much thanks to “derf” on the #opus channel of freenode IRC!) and I now have a working implementation of the funky “METADATA_BLOCK_PICTURE” (“album art”) structure that needs to be generated for Ogg (e.g. vorbis or opus) audio files in PHP. I’ve gotten back to work on the web-based converter project that I mentioned way back in Hacker Public Radio episode#1033. I now have core purpose of the project (taking an uploaded source file and “album art”, prompting in a user-friendly manner for metadata [“title”, “artist”, “genre”, etc.] and encoding settings (bitrate/final file size, etc.), and then generating a valid Opus audio file) completely working as far as I can tell. Of course, right now it stops abruptly at that point as there’s still plenty of interface work and additional features to add, but it actually does something useful for me now – hooray! I’ll do a separate post about this sometime later. Yes, source code will be available, most likely under the AGPL by default (other terms by negotiation, if anybody actually wants it that much).

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