I have recently been informed that, apparently, there is at least one person who is not just a member of my immediate family humoring me but who is, nonetheless, subscribed to the RSS feed here and potentially interested in my currently-intermittent episodes of Stir-Fried Stochasticity…

Is this true?

(tap)(tap)(tap) is this thing on?…

Seriously, though, the main reason I’ve been so slow to get around to the next one is that I didn’t think anyone had been listening to the ones I’d done so far, and considering the labor involved in putting an episode together, it’s hard to justify the time if I’m largely just talking to myself.

If there are people out there besides a couple of members of my immediate family* who want to hear more, please let me know, and I can certainly call the Ninjaologists back from furlough and start up negotiations with the Science Pirates to get things rolling again…

*(Again, not that I dislike members of my immediate family or anything, but I can talk to them more or less whenever I want…)

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  1. Kat says:

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    Hahaha yes I listened to all the podcasts so far and last I checked we aren’t related (but we do have a person in common that we have to put up with). I really like them a lot and there is nothing better than science and comedy. I know podcasts can be a lot of work to put together and I appreciate that you do all that work. I am looking forward to the next one and, yes, the RSS feed is on my PSP at this very moment.

  2. epicanis says:

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    Spiffy! Well, if someone else is actually listening, it’s worth getting this started back up. Thanks for letting me know!

    I’ll post some kind of update around this weekend to let people (and ‘bots, I suppose) know that things will be starting back up here.

  3. crankytiger says:

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    @Kat : “put up with”? -sniffle- I’m so unloved. ;)

    @Epi : “…but I can talk to them more or less whenever I want…” And sometimes when you DON’T want. :D

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