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I’m still here…but I’m no longer there. (And perhaps, no longer “all there”, but that’s a separate issue.)

An unexpected but hopefully fortuitous attack of Life (the concept, not the cereal) has kept me away from my audio projects for months now. The secret location of our Asylum for the Sufficiently Nerdy is being moved thousands of miles (literally – this is not an exaggeration) in pursuit of a promising project. Fortunately, we’re almost done with the move. We’ll still be pretty busy for a while yet, but I think things will settle down enough for me to shave a few hours per week to get back to audio.

Indeed, I very much hope so – not only do I want to get back to the “Stir-Fried Stochasticity” oggcast project and my HPR offerings, but I also started listening, during the seemingly endless drive from our old Asylum to the new one, to old 1930’s-1940’s radio serials I found on, and now I find myself itching to try to do one myself.

I will try to put out an episode of Stir-Fried Stochasticity here soon, explaining my ongoing battle with Zombie Hans Christian Gram, which I think I can put together more quickly than the episode I’d started working on previously, which is garbage (also literally). Other projects to follow as time permits and interest is expressed…

Thanks for not giving up on me (if there’s anyone left out there who hasn’t already). 

Incidentally, if you’ve been getting frustrated by the “Bad Gateway” errors, so am I and I promise I’ll get that fixed somehow…

Hacker Public Radio logoI decided that it would be good to offer the computer-nerd-related audio I do to Hacker Public Radio, so I put together an initial episode describing my motivations and offering a review of my shiny new full-powered laptop (which, I must say, is somewhat easier to edit and process audio on) and the vendor I got it from. (SPOILER: I like them…)

Comments so far (both of them…) are substantially positive, so I’m planning to do new ones monthly.

If you’re interested in such things, you can either go straight over to Hacker Public Radio, or the corner of this server that I set up for discussion at where I have the audio linked for direct listening from the webpage if you are using a modern browser.